Embracing the future with a firm step

Heir to a family business constituted in 1870, Fernández Santos, in addition to being a grape farmer and winery owner, is an enthusiastic promoter of winemaking in Pajares de los Oteros and proudly defends the town’s status of being the cradle of the Prieto Picudo variety.

With a commitment to technology and to overhauling existing facilities, the underground cellars cater for new oak casks and stainless steel tanks alike, the latter in their own climate-controlled fermentation room. Julio and Manuel Benito are engaged in a creative quest for a fusion of the old semi-sparkling or aguja wine with a novel tannin. Every year they find answers in the shape of ever more clearly defined vintages. A winery with a modern outlook, rooted in a cave styled by traditional popular architecture.

  • Address: Camino De Valdeperales S/N 24209. Pajares De Los Oteros, LEÓN, ESPAÑA
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  • Tel: 987 75 20 25
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